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A site to discuss the Rex MicroPDA and related stuff
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Rex 6000 Related
Del Ferro DOT Net   [4024 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    JDF's site devoted to the REX 6000. Includes downloads of SDK and REX Emulators. Download requires registration (free).  
Franklin Generation "Rex" Pages   [3594 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    It's a Geocities site, but hey, it has a lot of useful information about the Rex and no pop-ups!
Of particular interest to Rex 6000 users is the plethora of text and e-books available for download.  
Greg's Rex Page   [3362 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Another excellent resource for Rex 6000  
Intel Legacy Support Pages for REX 6000   [3019 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Intel's official legacy support pages for this discontinued product. Includes link to software downloads, which provides access to Intellisync v.1.01.  
REX Content Provider (content-grabber for   [3270 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    A "content-grabber" site which can grab web content to synch up with Must be used in conjunction with some form of replacement. ( replacement)   [3554 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    A replacement for the discontinued service from Xircom/Intel. Instructions available inside if you login using guest/guest. Service currently provided free of charge by Majek (THANKS!).   [2576 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Great place to get information on all models of the rex   [3292 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    Comprehensive list of existing add-ins (over 100!) for the REX 6000 as well as extensive information for add-in developers.  
The Rex Stuff   [2744 clicks] :: [->Favorites]
    A Content Grabber for Also has new Add-ins and other downloads. In addition, you can search for old postings on Rex Rumor Central's archive.  

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